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Which 'SnotTape is right for you?

Why Is It So Hard to Get that Line Just Right?

We’re glad you asked.
You see, every surface is different. First, there’s texture. Every surface, from woodwork to drywall, has its own. There’s also a sticky issue. Some surfaces are easy to stick to. Others, not so much.
Your typical tape can’t fill all the gaps created by texture. Nor can it stick well to all the different surfaces you might be painting. That’s why it’s hard to keep paint from bleeding through.
Finally, you can get the edge you want.
Because ’SnotTape is not tape. It’s a paper strip with a barrier of specially formulated polyurethane gel. The gel sticks and fills the gaps, but allows flexibility to apply
it exactly how you want it – helping you paint precise lines and edges like never before.


When in Doubt, Test It Out
Firmly apply a short strip to a small, inconspicuous area. After 12 to 24 hours, it should come off cleanly, without leaving residue, tearing or pulling off paint. But you should also feel steady resistance.
If the less sticky ’SnotTape (black box) comes off too easily, try the stickier ’SnotTape
(gray box). If the gray-box ’SnotTape tears when you pull it off, try the black box.

OK, Full Disclosure
The truth is there are a few situations where even a product as good as ’SnotTape won’t quite work:
• Dirty surfaces – Always wash yours before painting!
• Waxed, oiled or polished surfaces
• Some high-gloss tiles and ceramics
• Some unpainted plastics – polyethylene or polypropylene molding
• Surfaces where the existing paint isn’t adhering well
• Textures that are too rough, like stucco
• Chalkboard paint




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